Toy Museum of Catalonia (Museu del Jouget)

The Toy Museum located on Rambla de Figueres, Figueres, is just over an hour from Barcelona and is a great place of interest for children and adults alike. The museum originally opened in 1982 in the former Hotel Paris and eventually was refurbished and re-opened again in December 1998. The Museum displays over 4000 toys from the worlds’ most prestigious toymakers and also features some toys of Spanish Icons such as Salvador Dali and Anna Maria. Toys on display range from puppets, mini theatres, teddy bears and Meccano constructions to bicycles. The museum provides the history of toys and how technological advances have influenced the toys on sale today. –

The toys in Museu del Jouget covers an earlier time period compared to the Mint museum in Singapore, which houses more contemporary toys. It’s actually nice having visited both as they complement each other and provide a broader time-span to the history of toys. Museu del Jouget starts with displaying what kids used to play from the middle ages right to the Playsam Streamliner Classic.

I really liked how some of the toys were accompanied by a series of historic portraits of children with the toy. It effectively portrays the evolution of the toy in each decade. The photos placed the toys in context, which made for a great history lesson!

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