V Evolution: Liquid

V (the energy drink) New Zealand has just released an amazing online game called “Evolution”. Designed to test your mental capabilities, the experience is drawn over 3 different worlds which you have to evolve through and explore. At this stage, the first world “Liquid” has been available for about 2 weeks and the next world “Machine” is launching today!

The game is rich with amazing illustration and animations which have been complimented with incredible sounds which make the world quite immersive. Truly a stunning display of art, animation and audio!

I’m yet to delve into Machine at this stage but what I noticed in Liquid was that the game is not without it’s glitches, the main issue being the character’s movement. It takes a while to get used to the way the character swims across the screen as it seems to get stuck in odd places on occasion. What I really liked about the way the game progressed, was that it wasn’t simply a list of instructions, it forced me to explore and work out puzzles through trial and error, so in the end, solving a puzzle felt really rewarding!

The project seems to be the result of a fantastic collaboration between Colenso BBO (the agency, creative lead), Watermark (artwork and animation) and Liquid Studios (sound engineering) and I can’t wait to see Machine and eventually Space!

It’s quite interesting to see how the gaming industry has evolved and how it is being used as a advertising / marketing tool. This sort of thing really raises the bar on the level of quality which can be expected in an online game and could be comparable to something you buy off the shelf. The main difference being that this game is completely free to play and you can win prizes. Friendly tip I just discovered this week: The cans of V have a code which you can enter into the game to get more energy!

Have a go and see how smart and observant you really are! http://www.vrepublic.co.nz/evolution/

My recommendation is to register and play the full version rather than the play the demo as the demo is really short and only lets you see a small portion of the world…

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