Paper Sky

Urbis Design Day is an annual event, which gives people an exclusive tour of Auckland’s leading interior and spatial design showrooms. Each showroom gets paired up with creatives from different design disciplines, and the challenge is to produce a stand-out installation piece to set the showroom above the rest.

There were two installations in particular that really stood out to me, not only because of the high quality design and execution, but more because I felt the creatives understood the products and as a result produced an installation that complemented, enhanced and differentiated the showroom from the others.

Paper Sky was definitely one of the highlights for me. The installation was created by OH.NO.SUMO for the Poggenpohl showroom. OH.NO.SUMO’s brief called for the effective display of the beautifully crisp Poggenpohl kitchens, while linking together separate parts of the multiple floor showroom.

It was also a way to extend their practice research into the use of recyclable paper pulp products in design and construction.

As soon as I stepped into the showroom, I couldn’t help but feel like I’d been transported into a completely different world. The installation was absolutely mesmerizing. Although it’s called Paper Sky, it actually reminded me of a cave, a place you want to discover, explore and go deeper into.

I love the co-existence of simplicity and complexity in this installation, and how they relate to each other. Simple in one level if you break it down to individual geometric pieces (a 2D shape), but complex because it’s created as multifaceted 3D pieces attached together giving the work dimension. Also, each individual segment looks like prism, with it’s sharp crisp lines. However, if you look at it as a whole, the way OH.NO.SUMO constructed the whole thing it appears pliable.

The way the piece captures different lights is beautiful, with white or natural light, it becomes a visual texture that is palpable. The subtle tones give the installation a sense of volume and density. But with multicoloured lights, it’s another experience altogether.

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