The Department Store

The Department Store is a new retail destination, which opened last year on Auckland’s North Shore. The store is modelled on the traditional department store experience of the 1920s and 30s. It is designed to appeal to young, fashion conscious consumers for whom design is paramount. The Department Store houses high-end brands such as Karen Walker, Black Box, Stephen Marr, Lucy & The Powder Room, Marr Lab, Simon James, Flotsam & Jetsam and a recent addition to the family is the UK’s celebrated fashion store Topshop.

The identity pays particular attention to the bold and understated values of the department store concept. Timeless typography is used as the foundation for the identity, applied in a manner that is both elegant and modern. It creates a sense of nostalgia, referencing the time period from which the concept is derived from.

A common style has been created as an extension of the overall Department Store brand, under which all the retail stores sit. As a result, the identity provides a feeling of unity across the different brands within the store whilst still retaining each brand’s individuality. The visual language translates well into all the different key touch points of the store from the signage right through to the newspaper.

The Department Store identity was created by my dear friend and mentor, Brogen Averill. There may be a little bit of bias as to why I like the identity but I reckon the work speaks for itself.

Invitation design for grand opening

Packaging design

The Department Store newspaper

Interior signage

Exterior signage

If you want to see more of Brogen’s work check out:


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