Aesop East to West gift kits

I know my blog may seem like an Aesop promo site at the moment but they just keep churning out amazing work! These East to West gift packs by Aesop incorporates three things I love: travel, design & packaging. This truly was love at first sight…

‘This is one occasion when the destination is as important as the journey. Each of these kits is dedicated to a street for which we feel great fondness and affinity, so much so that we have chosen these locations for our stores.’ Dennis Paphitis, Director

Aesop has long believed travel is an essential part of life, offering one the opportunity to learn from other cultures, explore unfamiliar cuisines, and stroll intriguing laneways. We prefer to take the road less travelled both in our personal and professional lives and these streets, each of them surprising and intriguing, have inspired and shaped our thinking. We have named this year’s kits after the captivating streets in which we have situated Aesop signature stores. – Aesop

I couldn’t have said it any better myself!


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