Crumpled City

I often find shopping a bit of a mission, mainly because I feel bombarded with so many things that I don’t even want. I do however, find joy in discovering interesting products that are well designed, and it’s a bonus if it’s practical.

I was scouting around for inspiration for packaging ideas on a project I’m currently working on, and came across Crumpled City. It’s a city map printed on a soft, material. As a traveller, this is something I would definitely use – it’s discreet, it’s durable, it’s waterproof and most importantly it’s designed. It would be handy in cases where a bird decides to drop a little welcome present right in the middle of the map blocking out the central area (happened to us in Barcelona), but it would have been particularly handy for our recent trip to Thailand.

Since we were in Thailand for Songkran, the traditional Thai New Year that runs for about 4 days (depending on the city), it’s basically a country-wide water fight. We literally had to get a fresh new map for each day as it just got absolutely soaked and ripped to bits. With Crumpled City, it would have reduced the hassle of folding it… Placing it in my bag (already full)… As well as trying to prevent it from getting wet etc… All I would have needed to do is shove it in my pocket and whip it out when we needed it.

Designed by Italian industrial designer Emanuele Pizzolorusso. Crumpled City maps are soft, yet hard-wearing, waterproof and meant to be creased and crumpled. You can place the area that you’re interested in on the palm of your hand to spot street names then just screw it up, stuff it back into its case or your pocket, and carry on. –

From what I’ve seen so far, there’s a total of 12 maps: Rome, New York, Paris, London, Berlin, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Barcelona, Milan, Lisbon, Tokyo and Sydney.  The actual box design reminds me of the Wallpaper City Guides, which I guess is a nice link. I do like the simple graphics that relate to each city.

Crumpled City is made of Dupont™ Tyvek® material. Tyvek® is the original non-woven technology that is a lightweight and durable material, developed from an initial discovery made in 1955. It’s used for quite a few different applications like: construction, vehicle covers, envelopes, packaging (industrial and medical) as well as protective apparel. On top of that, Tyvek® is recyclable.

2 Responses to “Crumpled City”
  1. Activated Space says:

    This is such a fantastic idea! I could have also done with one in Bangkok recently. Maps always seem to disintergrate around the folds and end up in shreds. Only question is can you still write on these?

    • thewaytobe says:

      I had a look at the Dupont website and it looks like you can! Apparently most inks and markers work on Tyvek®, although some may ‘run’ or ‘feather’. For best results, try permanent markers (eg: Sharpies), ball point pens and No.2 pencils.

      Will definitely be getting the maps for the next trip. 🙂

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