Windows to Aesop

9 days ago Aesop revealed window installations for people to get a glimpse into their world…

“This is a significant undertaking for our company, and only the second time in our history – the first was in 2005 – that we’ve had the opportunity to explain ourselves in these expansive spaces.

The windows in Myer Sydney and Brisbane will feature images from Robert Arnold’s film The Morphology of Desire (1998), an exploration of romantic love in popular culture. Windows in Myer Melbourne will host a selection of unique pieces of twentieth century design generously loaned to us by Geoffrey Hatty Applied Arts (

We chose to include work from outside the beauty industry since we are known not only for our exceptional skin, hair and body products, but for our longstanding respect for creative expression. Also, we felt this was a fitting opportunity to engage in further collaborations with people we admire.– Aesop

If you are lucky enough to be in either Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane then this is a definite must to see! The displays run for 6 weeks and will be up until Tuesday the 7th of June.

Photography by Michael Warnock.

One Response to “Windows to Aesop”
  1. Sparky says:

    What a joy to find such clear thinking. Thanks for posting!

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