Bellroy packaging

Exquisite packaging by Bellroy. It’s good to see when the packaging is as beautifully crafted as the product itself. They have a good understanding that the customer’s physical experience of the brand starts as soon as the package lands in their hands.

You can instantly tell that it’s a quality product – if they take this much care on the packaging can you imagine just how much care they put on the actual product itself? I don’t want to post-rationalise it too much but I do like the concept of the package, the way it’s sewn and treated to look like a leather package. I also like the pattern on the inside and how it reflects the inside of the wallets.

Bellroy is an Australian based company and they describe themselves as “a small group trying to improve the way we carry”. I believe that they have done just that, as much as I love the wallet (gotta love the Hide and Seek by the way), I’d actually use the packaging as well. As a designer, I always aim for my designs to have a longer life-span, something that people want to hang-on to because they love it as much as you do. It’s an added bonus that it’s better for the environment as there’s less waste.


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