The Way to Be is a working project, involving different components. This blog is one facet and others are yet to be defined. The Way to Be is intentionally an organic concept which allows me the flexibility to explore different areas where creativity can be applied.

This blog was initially formed as a place where I could document and analyze things that I found interesting. Since I’m in continuous search for inspiring creative ideas and works, this proved to be a great platform to both share and collate my discoveries.

It has slowly developed into something more interesting than I ever could have imagined. I want to create a space for conversations and open dialogues about creative ideas, not only for people within creative fields, but also people who have an appreciation in the role creativity plays in our lives.

I’m interested in connecting with people who are brave enough to colour outside of the lines, and see it as an opportunity to explore unknown territories. People who are not afraid to rebel against the confinements of the ordinary in order to pursue the extra ordinary.

That’s The Way to Be.

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