Windows to Aesop

9 days ago Aesop revealed window installations for people to get a glimpse into their world… “This is a significant undertaking for our company, and only the second time in our history – the first was in 2005 – that we’ve had the opportunity to explain ourselves in these expansive spaces. The windows in Myer … Continue reading

V Evolution: Liquid

V (the energy drink) New Zealand has just released an amazing online game called “Evolution”. Designed to test your mental capabilities, the experience is drawn over 3 different worlds which you have to evolve through and explore. At this stage, the first world “Liquid” has been available for about 2 weeks and the next world … Continue reading

Orange Balloon Infestation

On our last evening in Madrid, we did what typical Madrilenians do, which is walk around the city. As we were strolling past the Palacio Real, curiosity took the best of me when I saw a group of people holding black netting filled with orange balloons. They released a stream of balloons every so often, … Continue reading